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Our Comprehensive Door Replacement Solutions for Dallas, TX, Homes

Each property has its unique character and needs. Our Dallas door installation services and replacement solutions are designed to cater to the various demands of Dallas. We offer high-quality exterior and interior door installation and replacement services. Plus, we only partner with top-of-the-line local door dealers to ensure reliable doors for your property.

Entry Doors Replacement

Our team offers top-quality entry door replacement services. We understand that entry doors must be both inviting and secure, which is why we offer a wide variety of durable and stylish options.

Impact Doors Replacement

Living in Dallas, TX, means dealing with unpredictable weather. That’s why impact doors are a great choice for homeowners and businesses in the area. Our team can expertly replace your existing doors with high-quality impact doors, providing protection against extreme weather.

Patio Doors Replacement

Patio doors are an essential component of any home with an outdoor space. Whether you prefer classic French doors or modern sliding doors, our team can provide a professional patio door replacement service tailored to your needs.

Storm Doors Replacement

Storm doors add an extra layer of protection against the harsh Dallas weather. If your storm door is old or damaged, our team can replace it with a new one, enhancing your home’s security and energy efficiency.

Front Doors Replacement

Your front door is the first thing visitors see. Our team can replace your old front door with a new one that complements your home’s exterior and enhances its curb appeal. We offer various front door styles and materials to suit your unique needs and preferences.

Glass Sliding Door Replacement

Sliding doors are popular for their convenience and modern look. They’re especially great for patios and balconies. Our team can replace your old sliding doors with new, energy-efficient ones that slide smoothly and look stunning.

French Doors Replacement

French doors are a classic choice for homeowners who want to add elegance and natural light to their homes. Our team is here for you if your French doors are no longer performing as they should. We offer professional French door replacement services that will breathe new life into your space.

Garage Doors Replacement

Garage doors are not just functional, but they also contribute to your home’s curb appeal. Our team can replace your old garage door with a new, secure, and stylish one, enhancing your home’s look and security.

Security Doors Replacement

The safety of your family and property is our top priority. We offer security door replacement services, installing doors that are sturdy, durable, and equipped with advanced locking systems.

Bifold Doors Replacement

Bi-fold doors are perfect for closets and pantries or as living or dining room dividers. If your bifold doors need replacing, our team can provide a high-quality replacement that fits perfectly and operates smoothly.

About Dallas Window Replacement

Our company, Dallas Window Replacement, has been the ‘best choice’ for homeowners for many years. As a locally owned company, we’ve helped countless homeowners in Dallas with their door replacement needs, and the journey has been nothing short of incredible. We are your partners in creating inviting, secure, and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Our name has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and excellent customer service when it comes to door replacement services. We’ve earned a solid reputation in the door replacement and door installation industry. Our team of skilled professionals takes immense pride in our expertise, attention to detail, and passion for excellence.

About Our Door Replacement Team

We are a team of dedicated, experienced professionals who have been serving customers from Dallas and its surrounding communities for years. We bring years of experience and expertise to the table, ensuring we meet your door replacement needs. We believe that doors are not just functional elements of a building but also a statement of your style and a protector of your safety.

Why Choose Our Door Replacement Services in Dallas, TX?

Choosing our team means choosing quality, professionalism, and a personalized approach to door replacement. Every home is unique and deserves a unique door solution. We will work closely with you to understand your needs, aesthetic preferences, and budget. You can rest assured that we will provide you with only the best door replacement options.

Our team prides itself on its extensive knowledge of Dallas, TX, DFW area, and surrounding suburbs. We understand the local architecture, climate, and styles, allowing us to recommend the most suitable doors for residential or commercial properties.

Areas We Serve in Dallas, Texas, and the Surrounding Areas

Our team is proud to serve the following locations in and around Dallas, TX, Dallas Fort Worth, and the surrounding communities:

  • Highland Park, TX
  • University Park, TX
  • Irving, TX
  • Balch Springs, TX
  • Duncanville, TX
  • Mesquite, TX
  • Farmers Branch, TX
  • Grand Prairie, TX
  • Richardson, TX
  • Addison, TX
  • Lancaster, TX
  • Garland, TX
  • DeSoto, TX
  • Carrollton, TX
  • Glenn Heights, TX

The Benefits of Professional Window Installation With Dallas Window Replacement

Doors are essential elements of our homes and businesses. From enhancing the overall look of your property to ensuring security, an upgraded door brings along a multitude of benefits.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Doors are the gateways to our homes and businesses, forming the initial impression for guests and potential buyers. A shabby or outdated door might send the wrong message, whereas a chic, modern door can dramatically amplify your property’s curb appeal. With a stylish new door, you’re not just creating a welcoming entrance but potentially adding significant value to your property and making it a standout in your Dallas neighborhood.

Improved Security

Security is paramount. Modern doors, particularly front and security, come reinforced with advanced locking mechanisms and resilient materials, ensuring enhanced protection against unauthorized entry. Replacing your door is equivalent to upgrading your property’s security system, keeping your peace of mind and your family safe.

Increased Energy Efficiency

The role of doors extends beyond security and aesthetics. They serve as an integral part of your property’s insulation system. Old, ill-fitting doors can allow cold drafts in during winter and let the precious cool air escape in the sweltering Dallas summers. This situation causes your HVAC system to work overtime, leading to excessive energy bills. By investing in door replacement, you’re making a commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable living.

Noise Reduction

A solid, well-installed door can act as a sound barrier, reducing the noise from busy Dallas streets or neighbors. If peace and tranquility are what you seek, consider door replacement as a step towards a quieter, more serene home or workplace.


Modern doors are engineered to endure. From resisting weather elements to standing up to daily use, modern doors are built to last. When you opt for door replacement, you’re investing in a product designed to serve you for years to come.


Some doors, like sliding or patio doors, are designed with convenience in mind. They offer seamless access to outdoor spaces, making them an ideal choice for those who frequently host guests or enjoy their gardens and patios. A door replacement can be the key to a more convenient, relaxed lifestyle.

Increased Natural Light

Doors play a significant role in your home’s lighting. Installing doors with glass features, such as French doors or glass sliding doors, can flood your interiors with soothing natural light. They not only create a vibrant, spacious ambiance but can also contribute to reduced lighting costs.

Personalized Style

Doors come in various designs, colors, and materials, each with a unique charm. A new door can serve as a canvas to express your personal style, complementing your property’s architecture and decor. We replace and install doors that allow you to make a unique style statement.

Dallas Window Replacement: Prioritizing Security at Every Door

For homeowners, safety is a non-negotiable factor. Dallas Window Replacement recognizes this innate need, and while our brand’s name might hint primarily at windows, we delve deep into ensuring that every access point to your home is nothing short of a fortress. With evolving technology and materials, door security has transformed, and we’re at the forefront of this evolution. Explore the myriad of ways our team fortifies your home, one door at a time.

Deadbolt Lock: The First Line of Defense

A deadbolt is more than just a lock; it's a homeowner's peace of mind. Unlike regular spring latches, a deadbolt cannot be easily moved from its 'locked' position without the key or the knob being rotated. This mechanism offers an added layer of protection against break-ins, making forced entries a daunting task. Our team ensures every door is equipped with a high-quality deadbolt, amplifying security.

Reinforced Frame: Strength from Within

An often-overlooked aspect of door security is the frame. Even the most robust door can be compromised if its frame is weak. At Dallas Window Replacement, we prioritize reinforced frames. Incorporating materials like metal, these frames are resistant to tampering and forced entries, ensuring the door stands strong against unwelcome guests.

Multi-point Lock: Multiple Locks, One Mechanism

A multi-point lock system takes the door's security to the next level. As the name suggests, it locks the door at multiple points, making it harder to breach. With just a turn of a key, the door is sealed top to bottom. Our team integrates this mechanism, ensuring that while your door is locked at various points, its operation remains smooth and hassle-free.

Security Bar: A Barrier of Strength

Think of a security bar as a guardian that stands tall and firm against forced entries. Positioned between the door and the floor, it reinforces the door's strength. While its presence can be intimidating for potential intruders, its integration is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring homeowners can easily set it up or remove it when needed.

Security Glass: Clear Views, Enhanced Safety

Glass doors or inserts can elevate a home's aesthetic appeal, but homeowners often have reservations about their safety. Dallas Window Replacement addresses this concern by offering security glass options. Toughened and resistant to shattering, this glass ensures that even if an attempt is made, breaking it is no easy feat. Enjoy the beauty of clear views without compromising on safety.

Security Sensor: Modern-Day Vigilance

In this digital age, security has gone high-tech. Our team integrates security sensors that alert homeowners to any unauthorized access attempts. These sensors, while discreet in appearance, are vigilant in function. Any tampering or forceful activity triggers them, sending out alerts, ensuring that you're always a step ahead in terms of security.

Door Replacement Types Offered by Dallas Window Replacement: Every Entrance, a Statement

Front Door Replacement

As the gateway to your home, front doors play a pivotal role in setting the aesthetic tone. Whether you lean towards traditional elegance or contemporary chic, our team ensures your front door resonates with your home's character.

Interior Door Replacement

Doors inside your home not only demarcate spaces but also add to the interior design narrative. From sleek, minimalist designs to rich, ornate styles, we have an array of options that seamlessly integrate with your home decor.

Patio Door Replacement

Connect your interiors with the outdoors using our exquisite patio doors. Crafted with precision, they offer a seamless blend of functionality and style, ensuring you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Garage Door Replacement

Beyond safeguarding your vehicles, garage doors contribute to your home's facade. Choose from a range of robust and stylish designs that not only offer impeccable security but also elevate your home's curb appeal.

Sliding Door Replacement

For spaces where you need smooth transitions without the swing of regular doors, our sliding doors come to the rescue. Their seamless movement, paired with elegant designs, makes them an excellent choice for modern homes.

Storm Door Replacement

The weather can be unpredictable. But with our storm doors, your home remains protected from nature's furies. Crafted with durable materials, they offer an added layer of protection without compromising on style.

Security Door Replacement

In today’s world, security is paramount. Our range of security doors offers unparalleled protection, ensuring you sleep soundly knowing your loved ones are safe.

Door Company Financing Options With Dallas Window Replacement: Opening Doors to Flexible Payments

Financing Available

At Dallas Window Replacement, we understand that investing in a door replacement can be significant. Hence, we offer comprehensive financing solutions, ensuring your decisions are not constrained by immediate finances.

Payment Plans

To accommodate varied financial situations, our team provides flexible payment plans. Choose from a range of options that allow you to manage your finances effectively while upgrading your home.

0% Interest

Quality doesn’t always come with strings attached. For eligible clients, we offer a 0% interest rate, ensuring you get the best without any additional financial burden.


Spreading out payments can ease immediate financial commitments. Our installment plans are crafted keeping in mind your convenience, ensuring you can gradually pay for your door replacement.

Deferred Payment

Life can throw unexpected challenges at you, and we're here to support you. With our deferred payment option, you can postpone your payments for a specified period, giving you breathing space to manage unforeseen circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions About Door Replacement

The door replacement process might seem overwhelming with its many choices and specifics. That’s why we’ve gathered answers to frequently asked questions about door replacement. We aim to give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. So, let’s clear your doubts and help you confidently step forward on your door replacement journey.

 The duration of a door replacement project depends on various factors, including the type of door and the condition of the existing frame. However, in most cases, door replacement can be completed within a day.

Yes, if the existing frame is in good condition, you can replace the door without replacing the frame. However, if the frame is damaged or doesn’t fit the new door correctly, it needs to be replaced.

The lifespan of a door depends on the material and how well it’s maintained. Consider a replacement if your door is difficult to open or close, lets in drafts, or shows signs of damage.

Security doors and steel entry doors are often considered the most secure due to their durability and the advanced locking systems they typically come with.

The door replacement cost can vary significantly based on the door type, materials used, and labor costs. It’s best to get a detailed estimate to understand the expenses involved.

While some handy homeowners might be able to manage a door replacement, it’s often best to hire professionals. Experts ensure the door fits properly, operates smoothly, and provides the best insulation and security.

Door sizes are standard for most homes, but measuring the door and its frame before purchasing a replacement is crucial. The measurement includes the width, height, and thickness of the door.

While all doors can offer some level of insulation, fiberglass, and steel doors are often considered the most energy-efficient. They have excellent insulating properties and can help reduce energy costs.

Consider the door’s material, durability, security features, energy efficiency, and how well it matches your home’s exterior. Also, think about the maintenance it might require over time. Having said that, we offer various Dallas door designs that will meet all your unique requirements.

Residential/COMMERCIAL Customers

Customer Reviews

"Excellent workmanship and quality products! The Dallas Window Replacement team replaced my exterior doors and patio doors in my house. I couldn't be happier with the results. The door installers were professional and worked in a timely manner. Highly recommended for quality work. Thank you!"

Sarah J., Dallas, TX | Residential CUSTOMER

"I contacted the Dallas Window Replacement team for barn doors and a garage door replacement. I also had my new entry doors installed by them. Their service was outstanding from the initial consultation to the installation. The new doors have enhanced my home's security and look great! I highly recommend them to Dallas homeowners needing professional service with a reasonable price for door replacement."

Linda S., Preston Hollow, Dallas, TX | Commercial Customer

"I contacted the Dallas Window Replacement team for barn doors and a garage door replacement. I also had my new entry doors installed by them. Their service was outstanding from the initial consultation to the installation. The new doors have enhanced my home's security and look great! I highly recommend them to Dallas homeowners needing professional service with a reasonable price for door replacement."

Linda S., Preston Hollow, Dallas, TX | Residential Customer

"We had our store's security doors replaced by Dallas Window Replacement, and we are beyond satisfied. The team was professional and efficient. The doors are of excellent quality—great customer service!"

James P., Oak Lawn, Dallas, TX | Commercial Customer

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