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Our team knows that beautiful, functional windows can make all the difference in a home. Awning windows in particular provide an elegant touch and also maximize ventilation and natural light. The sleek design features windows that are hinged at the top and open outward. When open, the windows provide generous airflow while still providing shade and coverage on rainy days.

Awning windows are an excellent choice for areas like over the kitchen sink or other places where you may want ample ventilation but also want coverage from the elements. The windows tilt open while remaining securely attached at the top. This allows fresh air to circulate while preventing rain from blowing in. The windows can also be easily closed and locked when not in use.

Our team pays close attention to durability and quality when installing awning windows. They are constructed from durable vinyl or aluminum-clad wood so they can withstand years of use. We carefully measure and customize the size of each window to perfectly fit your unique space. Everything is sealed and installed securely.

Caring for awning windows is also easy. Simply wipe down the vinyl or aluminum exterior with a soft cloth and mild cleaner as needed. Vacuum out any dust and debris from the window tracks. Our team is always available if the windows ever need any repairs or adjustments.

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Awning Windows: A Popular Choice for Homes in Dallas, TX

Awning windows are a go-to choice for many homeowners in Dallas looking to add ventilation, charm, and curb appeal to their houses. With their unique outward-swinging operation, awning windows stand out for offering expansive views and an airy ambiance. Their combination of aesthetics and functionality makes them a favorite of discerning homeowners in the area.

Awning Window Materials

When it comes to materials, Dallas homeowners can choose vinly, aluminum, or wood awning windows. Vinyl is known for its affordability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. Aluminum offers durability and a contemporary look. Wood provides a classic, timeless aesthetic.

Awning Window Color Options

A quintessential classic in our expansive portfolio, these windows seamlessly meld adaptability with superior efficiency. Characterized by the double hung windows’ ability to slide vertically, they enable maximum airflow. This, combined with their timeless design, ensures that double hung windows are always in demand, meeting the requirements of a diverse clientele, from vintage home enthusiasts to modern condo dwellers.

Energy Efficient Features

Energy efficiency is a key priority for Dallas homeowners. Awning windows offer excellent options like Low-E glass, double glazing, and argon gas fills to reduce energy costs.

Operation and Hardware

For operation, crank and push-out styles allow easy opening and closing. Hardware options include features like pulls, locks, and hinges in finishes like brass, satin nickel, and black.

Installation and Warranties

Homeowners can choose professional installation or DIY for simpler awning window projects. Most come with robust warranties like lifetime limited or 10 years.

Types of Awning Windows We Offer for Dallas Homes

Single Awning Windows

  • Casement – This style of awning window is hinged on one side and uses a crank mechanism to open outward. Casement awnings can open fully to allow maximum ventilation into a room.
  • Push-out – With push-out awnings, the window is top-hinged and swings outward when manually pushed open. This style is very easy to operate for homeowners.
  • Top-hinged – Top-hinged awnings are hinged at the top and use hardware like presses or latches to open outward. The simple function makes them easy to use.

Double Awning Windows

  • Side-by-side – This configuration joins two single awning windows side-by-side. It allows for very large window openings without the need for one massive custom window.
  • Stacked – Stacked double awnings have two windows positioned vertically. This is ideal for increasing window height without expanding width

Triple Awning Windows

Three awning windows joined horizontally – By joining three awning units horizontally, homeowners can create an extra wide panoramic view. The triple configuration is dramatic.

Custom Configurations

  • Bay – Bay windows have three or more window units set at angles to create a protruding bay shape. The angled awning windows open up space.
  • Bow – Bow windows use four or more bowed or curved awning windows to create a widened viewing area. The smooth curve adds architecture interest.
  • Corner – Corner windows utilize awnings on both walls of a 90-degree corner. This allows light from two directions.

Benefits of Awning Windows

Awning windows offer Dallas homeowners many benefits beyond just versatility and curb appeal. Here are some of the top advantages that make awnings a sought-after choice:

Ventilation and Airflow

The outward-swinging operation of awning windows allows excellent ventilation, airflow, and breeze capture. Casement crank windows, in particular, maximize air circulation. This makes indoor spaces feel open and fresh.

Natural Light

The large opening space of awning windows let in plentiful natural light. This creates brighter, more cheerful interior environments. For rooms like kitchens and dens, awnings prevent gloomy darkness.


Modern awning windows are constructed from durable materials like vinyl, aluminum, and reinforced wood composites. Their sturdy frames and hardware withstand years of use.

Weather Resistance

Multi-point locks, sealed frames, sloped sills, and quality construction give awnings resistance to all weather conditions. They stand up to high winds, rain, and extreme temperatures.

Outdoor Views

Another advantage of the wide openings of awning windows is the expanded outdoor views they provide. Homeowners can better enjoy their gardens, patios, or streetscapes through unobstructed sight lines.

Space Savings

Unlike slider windows, awnings don't need clearance for their sashes to open. They can be installed in tight spots where other windows won't fit. This allows design flexibility.

Noise Reduction

With their outward-opening operation, awnings can help block exterior noise from entering homes. When closed, they form a tight seal that dampens sound penetration better than some other windows.

Choosing the Right Awning Windows

With all their virtues, it’s important for Dallas homeowners to choose the right awning windows for their particular needs:

Assess Ventilation Needs

Think about the airflow you want in different rooms. Bedrooms may need less ventilation than kitchens. Maximize ventilation by selecting casement crank outs.

Consider Window Sizes

Size awning windows appropriately for the room dimensions. Avoid going too small or too large. Bring in professionals to get the size right.

Match Window Styles

Choose awning styles and shapes that complement your home’s architecture. Keep to classics like rectangles or go for dramatic arches.

Evaluate Noise and Light

Factor in noise and light conditions around the home. You may want sound dampening features or tinted glass.

Determine Operation and Features

Decide on operation style, hardware finishes, and other features you prefer. Key-lock security or screens may be priorities.

Review Energy Efficiency Ratings

Select awning windows with high energy efficiency ratings to maximize insulation and cost savings. Look for Low-E glass and argon gas.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Dallas Window Replacement, we specialize in providing top-quality awning windows that enhance both the beauty and functionality of your Dallas home. Our awning windows offer superior ventilation and protection from the weather, making them an ideal choice for any residence.

Awning windows are perfect for Dallas’s variable weather, providing excellent airflow while shielding your home from rain, thanks to their top-hinged design. They also offer enhanced security and energy efficiency, which can help reduce your energy bills.

Our process begins with a free consultation to discuss your needs, followed by precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit. We then proceed with professional installation, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life.

Absolutely! We offer awning windows in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes to perfectly complement your home’s architectural style and your personal preferences.

Our awning windows come with features like weather-resistant seals, double or triple-pane glass, and low-E coatings to keep your home comfortable and reduce energy usage throughout the year in Dallas.

We stand behind our work with a robust warranty that covers both the window materials and the installation process, ensuring your investment is protected for years to come.

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